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The See this SO QA for how to find data sets suitable for your problem.

If you are able to rephrase your problem to use the built-in datasets you are much more likely to get good answers (and upvotes).

The answers so far are obviously great for the reproducibility part.

The main thing to do is to simplify your problem as much as possible before you ask your question. It receives a unique ID like and one could even think about embedding it in SO.The example should not be an entire R script with "On line 200 there is an error".If you use the debugging tools in R (I love The word small is especially important.You should be aiming for a minimal reproducible example, which means that the data and the code should be as simple as possible to explain the problem.EDIT: Pretty code is easier to read than ugly code. Sometimes the problem really isn't reproducible with a smaller piece of data, no matter how hard you try, and doesn't happen with synthetic data (although it's useful to show how you produced synthetic data sets that did not reproduce the problem, because it rules out some hypotheses).

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